Un Sedicesimo of freedom

The magazine Un Sedicesimo, conceived by Corraini Edizioni in 2007 and assigned to a different author each time, has reached issue 60.

Un Sedicesimo takes its name from the typographical measure that underlies the construction of books and magazines. Each time it is outsourced to a different author, who is given complete freedom to create a project with the only indication that it can be contained in a 16-page format.

The magazine is made by folding and cutting the sheet used by offset printing presses (100×70 cm) to create a small booklet of sixteen 17×24 cm pages where not a single millimeter of paper is wasted.

April 2021 will see the publication of the 60th issue of Un Sedicesimo, the bi-monthly magazine created by Corraini Edizioni and entrusted each time to a different author.
Born in 2007 from an idea of Pietro Corraini, Un Sedicesimo has always given space to both emerging authors and big international names, called upon to design an entire issue, proposing highly personal and different every time: among the sixty authors involved are Milton Glaser, Italo Lupi, Parasite 2.0, Antonio Marras, Alessio D’Ellena, Martì Guixè, Steven Guarnaccia, Paolo Ventura, Alice Ronchi, Parco Studio, Giancarlo Iliprandi and Nora Krug.

Each issue is an ad hoc project, each author has maximum freedom to range between different genres and techniques, and more. A Sedicesimo does not have an editorial staff, nor a theme, nor a graphic layout or structure; illustrators, artists, architects, and designers are called upon to create it with just one instruction: it must be a project designed for the 16-page format. Within this grid, each author has full freedom to express himself and come up with something personal and original.

The result is a series where each issue is completely different from the next, from the masthead to the colophon, sometimes it is only photographic, sometimes illustrated, sometimes free and wild. Each issue resembles the artist who designed it. The paper on which it is printed is also – almost – different every time: the one most suitable for the design of that sixteenth is chosen each time.

But what is a sixteenth? The magazine takes its name from the typographic measure which is the basis for the construction of books and magazines – the sixteenth. and is obtained by folding and cutting the sheet used by offset printing presses (100×70 cm) to form a small booklet of sixteen pages (17×24 cm) where as we said, not a single millimetre of paper is wasted.

The author of the 60th issue is the artist and graphic designer Patrick Lindsay, who in Sedicesimo chooses to explore the moving image through the superimposition and rotation of elements carved in a transparent plexiglass of various colours. Lindsay thus shows the study behind the interactive installation “Le Lumigraphe” commissioned by Signe – Centre national du Graphisme in Chaumont.

A Sedicesimo can be found in bookshops and on the http://www.unsedicesimo.it website.

Each issue costs 5 euros, and you can receive it at home by subscription at 25 euros per year. Please check online for subscriptions abroad.

Patrick Lindsay is a graphic designer who lives and works in Marseille. He graduated in 1997 from the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He collaborates with numerous cultural institutions, from theatres to art centres, for which he builds flexible visual systems with a cheerful, constantly evolving style. Patrick Lindsay also creates graphic mediation tools for young people.

In 2016, the Signe – Centre national du Graphisme in Chaumont commissioned Patrick to create “Le Lumigraphe“, an interactive installation formed by a set of elements carved in transparent plexiglass of various colours. These units, halfway between the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and the gears of a mechanism, can create infinite combinations. The ‘Lumigraphe’ works on superimposition rotation and light to explore the moving image, where colours merge and different textures create optical illusions. create optical illusions.

Read more: unsedicesimo.it

Photo credits: Il Sedicesimo and Corraini Edizioni.

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