A special beer for the most special time of year. A celebration of design and taste


For the 16th time FORST Beer presents its Christmas Beer in the 2-litre limited edition glass bottle which, thanks to its unique decoration, represents an exclusive gift idea and a coveted collector’s item. The 2019 edition of the Christmas bottle depicts an image from the top of the FORST Beer factory and its innovative brewery, enriched by the presence of the Three Kings, that tell one of the many stories of the popular FORST Christmas Forest.

Birra FORST was the first company in Italy to introduce the tradition of Christmas Beer, producing specifically for the Christmas period the special Christmas Beer FORST, an ideal accompaniment to the tasty dishes typical of this time of year. The FORST Christmas Beer, also known as “Christmas Brew FORST” with various decoration changing from year to year, is the result of the creativity of a handmade work in the creative workshop within the company.

The 16th limited edition of the precious 2 litre glass bottle with a convenient mechanical cap will be available in a practical gift box. For Christmas 2019, a top-down image of the historic FORST Beer factory was chosen with its innovative brewing room in the centre, and, in the foreground, the Three Kings.


The FORST Christmas Beer, specially designed for the Christmas holidays, stands out for its markedly amber-coloured colour, its pleasantly hopped flavour and its inimitable malt aroma. Its harmonious body recalls pleasant sensations of sweetness that meet with delicate hops and its aftertaste is light and soft. For its tasting, Birra FORST offers a Christmas mug with warm festive colours such as red, green and gold.

The FORST Christmas Beer will be available from the beginning of November in all FORST Restaurant-Birrerias, online at http://www.forst.it, in the FORST Shop at the brewery, in the Spillers’ premises, at FORST wholesalers and in the various Christmas markets in South Tyrol. Finally, from November 20, you can also enjoy it in a special Christmas atmosphere, visiting the magical Christmas Forest of FORST Beer.

In addition to the renowned 2-litre glass bottle, the FORST Christmas Beer is also sold in 15 and 30-litre drums, in the practical 12.5-litre “Forsty” drum and in clusters of six 33-cl bottles in a Christmas design.

Since 1857, FORST Beer has been a company in which tradition and modernity are in perfect harmony. For five generations it has been managed by the same family that, over the years, has always defended the principles of quality in respect of nature, continuously investing in new technologies to ensure a high quality of its beer specialties.
Today Birra FORST is an Italian company with strong importance in the market, with an annual production of about 800,000 hl and is also the last major brand, family-run, remained independent in Italy, keeping high the principles of quality, regional traditions and environmental protection.



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